- Sao em không nói gì thế?- Em buồn lắm.- Tại sao?- Em chả thích chơi với các bạn. Ở trong lớp em không chơi với ai cả.

- Why are you so quiet?- I’m sad.- Why are you sad?- I don’t like playing with my classmates. I don’t have any friends in my class.


- Sao em không nói gì thế?
- Em buồn lắm.
- Tại sao?
- Em chả thích chơi với các bạn. Ở trong lớp em không chơi với ai cả.

- Why are you so quiet?
- I’m sad.
- Why are you sad?
- I don’t like playing with my classmates. I don’t have any friends in my class.

I got this thing into a school lit mag. It’s titled “And Stones, Too, Will Ever Need Each Other,” but they printed the “Ever” as “Never” so now it sounds like it’s about some stubborn self-reliance bullshit when it’s clearly about yearning and hyphenated identities. 

"[I]n Nietzsche, individualism is accompanied by a lively critique of the notions of “self” and “I.” For Nietzsche there is a kind of dissolution of the self. The reaction against oppressive structures is no longer done, for him, in the name of a “self” or an “I.” On the contrary, it is as though the “self” and the “I” were accomplices of those structures."

Gilles Deleuze, "Nietzsche’s Burst of Laughter: Interview" (via heteroglossia)

Thanh Lam – Ngẫu Hứng Sông Hồng (18 plays)
Just Blaze – Girls, Girls, Girls (Instrumental) (44 plays)
Common – Be (26 plays)

"If you want to mirror reality, get a camera. If you want to make someone understand reality, then you have to lie a little. You have to distort things, to exaggerate in a way that reveals the way you see things. Do you understand?"

Touré, from The Portable Promised Land

Anonymous asked: I quit college and I haven't left the house in about two months, maybe more. I don't really know why I'm telling you this, but I think you could help in some crazy way. A few words of advise? This is weird I'm not even sure I'm going to ask you this haha. Do I put it on anon or not? um ok. I feel weird Himanshu.. like something's wrong but I don't know what. Or you know that feeling you get when you're late for something important and you know you've screwed up. Yea that feeling, but constantly.


I was hoping you were going to give me advice. Im about to move back to New York after 5 months with no money and what feels like no friends back home. Im going to live at home w my family in the suburbs. I dont have a credit card, an atm card, a phone, a laptop, a driver’s license. I don’t know. Ive been working hard, motivated, performing but ive been away in Asia where im constantly inspired. Ive left my vices back home. But im going back.

Maybe sometimes im too honest on social media. I read message boards where people are like “he’s an addict” “he went to wesleyan why is he broke” “he was begging for money”. But then I get on tumblr and a lot of the things people say to me make me want to continue to be open because people can relate. People can relate to being lonely, depressed, heartbroken, anxious, broke, self-destructive, to fear, to vices, to each other.

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone I think I would really get along with. Do such people exist? Or am I just going about this the wrong way?

"Another distinguishing feature of the post-1965 Asian immigration is the predominance of immigrants from South Korea, the Philippines, South Vietnam, and Cambodia, countries deeply affected by U.S. colonialism, war, and neocolonialism … The material legacy of the repressed history of U.S. imperialism in Asia is borne out in the ‘return’ of Asian immigrants to the imperial center. In this sense, these Asian Americans are determined by the history of U.S. involvements in Asia and the historical racialization of Asians in the United States. The post-1965 Asian immigrant displacement differs from that of the earlier migrations from China and Japan, for it embodies the displacement from Asian societies in the aftermath of war and colonialism to a United States with whose sense of national identity the immigrants are in contradiction precisely because of that history. Once here, the demand that Asian immigrants identify as U.S. national subjects simultaneously produces alienations and disidentifications out of which critical subjectivities emerge. These immigrants retain precisely the memories of imperialism that the U.S. nation seeks to forget."

Lisa Lowe, Immigrant Acts, Chapter 2 (via mrsonsai)

When I put “Lisa Lowe” into the tumblr search system, I kept getting pictures of white people: Someone should sort that out 

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